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Great Studio Tour!

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Thanks to our wonderfully thoughtful customers, all of the other artists, and our Tour organizer, Nancy Bonig.  In addition to placing many creations into good homes, we got great marketing suggestions, product ideas, and encouragement from the community of Makers in the Pikes Peak Region.   It is amazingly easy to give a satisfaction guarantee to people who are really excited about their purchases.  That is the best thing about selling directly to the customers who are our friends and neighbors.

For our next public event, I will have a Liggy’s Notions booth at the St. Peter Catholic School Holiday Boutique on November 11th.  I’m working on a some new items for that Boutique, including a collaboration with my potter buddy, Jennifer Hanson from Spinning Star Studio, who will be at St. Peter’s for the first time.

When a box is not a cube

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

When a woodturner speaks of a box, she means a small cylindrical lidded form with a tight-fitting lid.  For this series, I use buttons as knobs.

The box on the left is in the style of Warren MacKenzie’s boxes, with two (clay) buttons to line up the lid with the base.  His, however, are thwacked into five-sided boxes.  I could do something similar with the sander, just not this time.

All of the button boxes will include an assortment of buttons when I get ready to sell them.


Pinterest provides a new index for my work!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The SAQA newsletter suggested using Pinterest to build a portfolio of work.  Great update to the WordPress categories that I’ve been building with the blog.  Look for Kay Liggett in the search bar.

I have discovered that my work is theme-related across all three media–clay, wood, and fabric.  Pinning is a great way to see correlations quickly.

Great weekend in Palmer Lake

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

I enjoyed seeing old friends and making some new ones at the Palmer Lake Craft Fair September 30-October 1st.   Customers were very thoughtful and observant, in spite of the distractions of the show in Palmer Lake’s rickety old Town Hall. Lots of my work now consists of revivals of old products from the long history of craft.    They seem particularly appealing in a setting which has no electronic beeps!  One gentleman commented that we vendors were all like the 60’s come back to life.  Maybe some of us never really left the Summer of Love, and now we expect something really special for the Autumn…

Treen at TLCA show opening September 11th

Monday, August 31st, 2015

These smaller items will be at the Tri-Lakes show in the Affordable Art display.  We turners call this kind of work ‘treen’ or useful stuff made from trees.

The bowls are emerging from solid maple burl blocks, and carved with scalloped edges–4 or 5 inches diameter.

The canteen with the medallion is walnut, the teardrop canteen is brazilian cherry.

All of these woods are wonderful to work on the lathe.

The show is called ‘From the Earth’ and features wood art in all sizes, including furniture.