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January starts with Ice Age art

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

In 2003, I made a quilt, 13000 B.C., after spending several weeks learning to draw the animals in cave paintings in Dordogne and Altamira from that time.  The cave artists worked in the dark, using simple pigments, and drawing quickly.  They often drew over older drawings, and calcium deposits have covered some of the work over the past 10000 years.   I felt that it was OK to use their style, since so many different artists had already contributed to the cave paintings.






Since that first quilt, I have used the drawings on freeform stoneware plates, and more recently, on highly figured maple burls.  Something about the complex surface of the burl invites simple lines.   Where the figures have shading, it was done with oil paints, which blend beautifully on wood.

A group of these turnings and plates will be at the Boulder Street Gallery in January 2019.

The bowl with the ice age rhino is birch, about 8″ in diameter.

Back to the Ice Age

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Rhinos Now 8"x8" silk painting

The intense heat this summer has inspired me to go inside and work on cave paintings.   I kept the original drawings that I made for a cave painting quilt,   ‘13,000 B.C.’     That quilt was included in the 2005 Quilts and Fine Woodworking Show at the Colorado Springs Pioneers’ Museum that year.   I will have a series of small silk paintings and quilts with some of those reworked drawings for the Studio Tour in September.

Similar images are also finding their way onto bowls made of maple burl.   They are not as frosty as the silk paintings, but the prehistoric images are very strong in any medium.

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