Ridgeway Studios contain equipment and supplies for making useful and ornamental objects that inhabit the distance between your eyes and your extended arms.  This distance is of less importance in American culture than in many others.  We seem to ‘lift up our eyes’ in the search for beauty, instead of reaching out with our hands.  Maybe it is because I am nearsighted–I have always cared more for forms, textures, and colors that fit inside my personal space.  Maybe the constant habit of holding and watching cell phones will change our aesthetics during my lifetime.  In just these past 50 years, our environment has become saturated with images.  I am interested in a slower way of seeing that requires a kind of handedness in art.

I work with clay, wood, and fabric to investigate the timeless human way of making things with our hands and simple machines.  The differences between the materials help me to identify the elements that they have in common.  These discoveries are the motivation for my work.

Kay Liggett