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Monday, October 5th, 2009

Liggett-Vascularities-detail This detail from a quilt I made in 2008 began as a sketch of five tall cylinders turned by Richard Raffan.  The cylinders were turned from green wood, so they moved and twisted as they dried.  I have enjoyed arranging them as an ensemble, and then drawing the results.  One of my favorite drawings became the silk painting at the core of this quilt.

Silk paints can be contained within a wax line which outlines the vesssels in this painting.  They also flow and mix freely, which I have used in the background of this painting to represent the color and light of the forest.  When it was time to quilt the background area, I chose outlines of tree trunks with cut-off limbs.

The red interior of the vessels is the color that Richard Raffan used inside the cylinders.  It seems to be a necessary color, both in the cylinders themselves, and in the painting.  Without the red accents, the purples, greens, and blues would be less emphatic.