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Flower Flask

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Flask within a flask

Flask within a flask

In September 2009, I watched Craig Timmerman from Austin, Texas, create a large torus (doughnut-shaped form) shape with a glass test-tube for a flower vase.  Craig sells these commercially, so I wanted to adapt the idea to a shape that I have made before.  There is certainly nothing wrong with the torus form, but I was hoping to contribute something to the development of the vase.

My flask shape begins on the lathe in the lengthwise direction, from which it gets the outer curve of the form.   It takes a few turner’s tricks to turn away the center passage.  This one is about 4″ tall overall, and holds a tiny test tube.  It would be just about the right size for the first little yellow crocus of the spring.