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Studio Tour inspires plans for 2013

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Lace Two Ways

Hanging quilts and bringing out woodturnings for the September Studio Tour was a great way to take stock of what I have made, show it off, and plan for new projects.

This quilt, started in a class with Katie Pasquini-Masopust in 2003, was my introduction to moving images from photos into textiles.  The small photo on the left shows a vessel decorated with the shadow of lace webbing.  I transferred the shapes and lighting in the photo to the quilt, using a palette of three colors in seven different values.

Many of my quilts started out as paintings or drawings.  Quilts bring them to life through color, texture, and levels of scale that were not possible in the original image.

Of course, this photo is also an image, so the limitations of the medium apply here, too.

Four Candlesticks

Candlesticks made of wood are something of a contradiction.  Most of the antique ones in circulation haven’t held candles, so they are the much fancier sort, in which the stick is something of a substitute for the candle in its place on the mantel.

I have been working on shapes that work to support some of the shorter, stouter candles available in the marketplace.  Some of these are quite fancy, so the candlestick should not compete for attention.  The round candles seem to work well on all of these shapes.  The three taller ones look good with standard tapers as well.