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the humble house shape

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

We all drew the house shape in first and second grade, then our art teachers told us that houses don’t look like that.  Well, I still see them that way.  And the most important thing is not the atmospheric effect, or the accurate rendering.  It is quite simply that the house shape holds color really well.

At my stop on the studio tour, I will have some of the house shapes I used in this quilt  for visitors to color with  dye sticks, fabric  paints and water soluble crayons.

Quilting is mostly coloring with fabric scraps, but there is no reason not to start with plain fabric and color on it, too!

Quilt fragment in the photo is from ‘Rio Mio’ which will be in the SAQA ‘Above and Beyond’ show in January 2016.    Because Air BnB is the host hotel for the ’16 Olympics in Rio, I just had to imagine individual houses all piled up and waiting for guests…