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Indoors, reading scraps of other projects

Monday, January 27th, 2020

I imagine that January was a time for pioneer women to indulge themselves with scraps saved up from the busy months of outdoor work.  The daylight is short, but adequate for piecing together leftovers into new fabrics.  A 21st century quilter can still capture the nostalgia of sorting scraps and assembling them into a new memory.

This small quilt started with the branch-like silk scrap from silk artist John Venezia in bronze and blue.  The hand-dyed blue scrap finds itself in the floral and the graphic prints.

A quilt is only a quilt because of the stitches that hold it together – here some free-motion work to create the texture of branches.   I saw a lot of ‘v’ shapes, which are repeated in the small scrap and the embroidery.    That is the feeling of scrap quilting – following the links between fabrics until it is finally captured by a binding.   There are discoveries, memories, and the joy of freehand composition.

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